A trip through Terror Labs is a scream! We pride ourselves on being the leader in frightening innovations, all for you, the haunted house patron! Why not stop by and let us bring your nightmares to life? Purchase tickets below, or get them at the big, spooky door.

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Terror Labs is quite easy to get to... getting out is a different story! We're conveniently located in Coventry Mall in Pottstown, though I think they're getting suspicious so hurry and visit!



When you visit Terror Labs, you're not only here for fun, you're helping a great cause. A portion of all ticket sales will be donated to The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. You can't say we don't have a heart... in a jar somewhere.

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If you somehow make it out of Terror Labs, you can visit our sister haunt, The Temple of Terror. Look around and you might spot a few of our failed experiments wandering their grounds. Bring your Temple of Terror ticket and get a $3 discount to get into Terror Labs!

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Calendar and Directions

Terror Labs is just a quick shamble away and is an easy commute. We're open selected dates from September 30 through October 31. Check the directions and calendar to schedule your trip to visit us!


Feel like having the pants scared off of you? Find your way to Terror Labs, if you dare!

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Terror Labs is open from 6PM to 10PM on the blood red nights listed above, beginning September 30th.

Special Events (COMING SOON)

The History of Terror Labs

The Terror Labs story begins with Dr. Heinrich von Bonesmacher, originally from Bonn, Germany. After many charges of heresy, incessant rantings about his "unnatural" scientific experimentation, and quite a few lawsuits with Victor von Frankenstein, Dr. Bonesmacher moved his laboratories to Manchester England.

Coming to the realization that he'd accomplish more if he was in the same country as his lab, he moved himself as well. He quickly changed his name to Dr. Henry Bones seeing that it would fit better on his mailbox.

Several years and a hundred or so experiments later, Dr. Bones hit upon an invention so mind-bogglingly useful that it allowed him to start the first and only mail-order company catering specifically to evil, mad, and even deranged scientists. That invention is known only to world governments and a select few from the AMSA (Amalgamated Mad Scientists Association).

As time passed, Terror Labs grew. Starting with a few body parts dug up in local cemetaries, the business quickly flourished with new lines such as certified pre-owned torture equipment, voodoo dolls for members of Parliament, and rocket-powered rollerskates (later sold to Acme Products).

Generations of Boneses have made this business prosper. Inbreeding and selective gene manipulation have made each successive generation a little more insane and much more creative, passing that crazed ingenuity on to their customers in the form of more innovative, cutting edge, disgusting products.

Now located in the United States for tax and medical association reasons, Terror Labs is headed by Dr. Sawyer T. Bones III. Dr. Bones, who is the sixth generation in the Bones bloodline, is president, CEO and lead researcher of Terror Labs.

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